where Cold & creativity Collide

Loopy Scoops Ice Cream brings unique ice creams, ice cream sandwiches and sorbet to the streets.  All our fresh frozen treats start with fresh local ingredients that combines with creativity to make amazing ice cream combinations happen.  


dip into these customer favorites

        Watermelon & Mint Popsicles

      Watermelon & Mint Popsicles

           PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich

         PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich

                 Vanilla Ice Cream

               Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip & Vanilla Ice Cream

Loopy Scoops Ice Cream is available at the following stores. Check their websites for business hours & location.


New products are being added all year long!

Find our Gourmet Flavors just around the corner...


Bring your family to the the next event, including the weekly Farmer's Market in downtown Manassas.  

Come see us and not only satisfy your ice cream cravings, but support the hundreds of local entrepreneurs, farmers and small business owners.  


Look for our signature Loopy Scoops ice cream cart and umbrella at many local events all year long!  

School parties & athletic events, weddings (most recently a special red wine poached pear sorbet),  restaurant receptions, catering and more.

 This is only a sample. Check out the full menu!


Check out the full flavor cravings menu to for options that satisfy all taste buds and styles. We take your flavor ideas and combine them with our fresh ingredients.